Garage Doors, Incorporated introduces the
"Do It Yourself" Custom Panel garage door

Garage door quality sealEver wanted to build your own?

We live in a "do it yourself" era. Many people who have always tinkered with small household projects are tackling more involved home improvements. So naturally we are offering a complete DIY garage door kit. Our kits are available with many options and customizations to cater to the size and look you want for your door. And to ensure success, each kit is factory fitted and disassembled before shipment.

To understand what is included in our DIY kits, these terms and accompanying pictures may be helpful:

  • Rails: Frame members that run horizontally. The rails are as long as the garage door is wide. There are meeting rails, top rails, and bottom rails.
  • Stiles: Frame members that run vertically. The stiles are cut to fit between the rails. There are end stiles and center stiles.
  • Panels: Inserts that fit between the rails and stiles. The face of the door is mostly paneling. Panels can be raised or flat, rough or smooth, and paint grade or stain grade.
  • Sheer Panels: (not shown) Sheer paneling is not inset into the frame, but rather attached to the bottom section of all our 2-car garage doors for added strength.

Here is an example of the components that come with a 2-car DIY garage door kit:

  • 10 end stiles
  • 12 center stiles
  • 2 top and bottom rails
  • 8 meeting rails
  • 2 sheer panel pieces (bottom section only)
  • 20 raised panels
  • fasteners
  • hardware kit


  • New! Carriage style doors that appear to roll open
  • Kits are available with or without hardware
  • You may choose a standard design or you may design your own panel layout
  • Windows are available in several designs
  • Wood can be either paint grade or stain grade

We are certain that you will be impressed with the quality of our DIY kits, just as customers have been pleased with our production doors for over 20 years. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us.

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top & bottom rails

Top & bottom rails

meeting rails

Meeting rails

end stiles

End stiles

center stiles

Center stiles

raised panels

Raised panels

completed panel

A completed raised panel door portion