Model T Series

This is our top of the line carriage style door. In the days of the Model T automobile, doors like these would have enclosed the carriage house. It is an upward acting garage door usually made of 3 or 4 sections. It is made to simulate doors that would swing outward or slide sideways typically seen on historical homes from the late 19th century.

These custom doors are made entirely by hand using only the finest components and can be crafted to meet any design. They can be painted or stained, the material can be rough or smooth, and there are dozens of custom glass options. The Model T is constructed in layers and is typically 3-inches thick.

The core framing and support system for our Model T Series doors is made of 1.125" material and added supports are placed where needed. These additional framing components provide strength at all weight points, including hinges, struts, rollers and garage door motor mounts. We also diaphragm all sections for extra rigidity and all sections are CNC trued. This framework is also customized to support each unique look in the door’s external design.

We use 1-3/8" rigid foam insulation in all of the available spaces within the frame. R-value on the foam is 8. Depending on door design, the finished door R-value is between 9 and 11.

Doors are back-paneled using luan mahogany paneling, giving a finished appearance to the interior of the garage and adding great sheer strength.

A wide variety of materials can be used for the door skin and trim of our Model T's. Typically, our paint grade Model T's use an MDO plywood, or re-sawn plywood skin, and 1x cedar trim. Typical stain grade Model T doors are made with 1x cedar skin, and 1x cedar trim. Stain grade doors have also been made using redwood, mahogany, vertical grain Douglas fir, and alder, and other species of wood. We enjoy helping our customers create a unique door design, using a variety of materials.

We use true divided window panes on all of our Model T doors that have glass in their design. Each pane is set separately into the framework of the door. This feature adds authenticity to the Model T door. Various mullion widths and designs are available. Specialty glass may be used, including beveled, glue-chipped, and antique.


  • Model T doors are double hinged on the door edges, which greatly increases the hardware strength.
  • Model T Doors use the highest quality, long stem, steel rollers, with ball bearings and a nylon coating for added strength and sound dampening.
  • "Marine application", water-proof glue is used in glueing procedures.
  • Model T Doors over 12' wide use extra heavy duty 11 gauge end hinges.
  • We use 20 gauge, 3" struts on all Model T sections over 12' wide.


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